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Look at the Pistons draft options

June 24, 2010

John Stroba-Writer

It is only 18 hours or so from the NBA Draft, and this draft is absolutely critical for the Pistons in their rebuilding/reloading efforts. The Final Mock Drafts are up now and it is time to take a look at the different possibilities out there for the Pistons should the draft fall a certain way.

nbadraft.net: John Wall/Evan Turner/Wesley Johnson/Derrick Favors/DeMarcus Cousins/Ekpe Udoh

This would not be too bad for the Pistons. Greg Monroe would be the very likely selection here. Monroe is a very good passer and can operate out of the high post which does unclog the lane for the Pistons to slash to the basket. It would also pull out the starting C most times and most centers are not comfortable defending in the high post. At times he can be passive though, and that is something that other Pistons (Tayshaun Prince comes to mind) can struggle with. Like most college players, Monroe is not ready defensively for the NBA.

draftexpress.com: John Wall/Evan Turner/Derrick Favors/Wesley Johnson/DeMarcus Cousins/Greg Monroe

This is one of the worst possibilities that the Pistons face. All indications do indicate that Dumars would probably select Ed Davis here if he decides to keep the pick. Davis is a bit of a project. He does bring a lot of good defensive qualities with him, but his offensive game is hamburger meat raw. He does have a very nice Basketball IQ along with a great wingspan those are things Dumars is known to covet.

Yahoo: John Wall/Evan Turner/Derrick Favors/Wesley Johnson/Greg Monroe/Epke Udoh

A lot of Pistons fans would be popping corks and kissing their ex-wives if the draft does go down like this. There is no doubt that Dumars would draft DeMarcus Cousins at this spot. Cousins can come in and give balance to the Pistons offense. There is very little doubt that he can score and is a very good low post scorer. That is something that Dumars absolutely knows that his jump shooting team needs, and that is why Carlos Boozer was going to be in Detroit until Karen Davidson nixes that deal. Cousins does have some questions around him though. Such as his weight, although reports keep talking about how he is losing weight and fat though he still does have a ways to go. Cousins brings a serious passion to the game and that is something that the Pistons do lack at times. He could be really special.

Chad Ford/Bill Simmons: John Wall(Ford)/Evan Turner(Simmons)/Derrick Favors/DeMarcus Cousins/Greg Monroe/Wes Johnson

ugh. If the draft goes this way, I think Dumars is on the phone talking to Minnesota about Al Jefferson the 16 and 23 in this draft. That would be a very nice haul for the Pistons. If they stay here though it is probably Ed Davis though.

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't mind the trade for Jefferson, I have never understood why teams weren't more willing to trade for players that they new were pretty decent over the risk of taking an unknown. It is all risk and reward but unless you are picking in the top 3 you have to get lucky/good to select a player who will turn out to be as good as who is usually being talked about in the trade rumors. If they can select Cousins I would say go ahead and do it.