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Time for change?

By: Channing Cummins

Where do we start?

Tuesday: The Pistons were routed by the Knicks 104-87, giving them their 8th straight loss. Both teams entered the matchup at 11-19, 10th in the conference. Knicks' David Lee led all players with 30 pts and 12 rebs. Wilson Chandler's 23 pts and 9 rebs along with Lee's strong performance provided the Knicks with the formula for an easy win.

The Pistons on the other hand shot a weak 42% from the field. Gordon's 17 pts lead the team and not one player had double digit rebounds. So what's the problem? Poor offense, lack of defense and loss of heart. The team also lacks the most important ingredient of all, chemistry. You would think with a seven game lossing streak and your hometown crowd,the team would lay it all on the line for a win. It didn't seem like that's what we got Tuesday. Kwame Brown was the only Piston that didn't see the floor last night, Daye's 9 minutes was the least any other player had received.

There seems to be no formula for a win now in Detroit and we're left to sit here and draw up conclusions. What is the problem? Why don't we look like a winning team anymore? Where is that "Bad Boy" spirit that we are known for, something that we've gone out and earned? My conclusion, it's time for change.

I'm tired of watching the team struggle for wins and give us no hope each and every night. It's not fun to watch our team give up 104 pts to the KNICKS or put up a total of 64 pts against the Raptors at home. I understand the team has been hurt and that will always hurt your team. However, I don't think healthy players will solve much of anything for us. Tayshaun Prince had 2 pts and 3 rebs last night in, count em, 25 minutes. Our best players of late have been 35 year old Ben Wallace and 22 year old Jonas Jerebko? WHO? Yep J.J. himself in the living flesh. We do have names like Ben Gordon, Richard "Rip" Hamilton, Charlie Villanueva, Rodeny Stuckey and Tayshaun Prince. Can I see one of them go for 40 one night? I'll even take a triple double or a night full of blocks. Right now, I won't even mind if they win, I just want a reason to keep watching.

CHANGE is all I want. It might be time to deal Rip or Tay, I'm sorry. We don't have that team anymore and I'm ready to let go. They have value and I feel the time is NOW, more than ever. In return I don't ask for too much, just a starting big man. How about a center? Yep, one that can go out there every single night and provide defense, rebounds and some points. It doesn't have to be a big name, just a reliable center.

Lets let Ben Gordon start one game and launch 40 shots at the net. I just want to see what can happen? He might struggle and manage 25 points, but he MIGHT even get 40-50. He just might... Since we can't play defense right now why not play some more fast paced basketball. I know it's not the solution and will never happen, so calm down. I just want a night where we do score 120 points and it's a high octane battle. Launch a hefty amount of three pointers, get some offensive boards and fire again. It will be fun to watch and it might boost some confidence into our players. A night like any of these might give us a spark, something we desperately need.

My answer is change and I want it. Until then lets continue to watch and see what happens. Glancing at our schedule I would recommend that no one holds their breath. There doesn't seem to be much hope for a turn around so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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